At Hunter Lane we work closely with landowners gaining valuable insight into their vision for highest and best use of their land. Hunter Lane maintains close relationships with property owners that are seeking to dispose of or develop quality properties. We have established a solid network of national, regional and local qualified developers, tenants, lenders, architects and service providers which gives us the flexibility to develop the right team to mange and develop a successful project for our clients. The Hunter Lane Land Division specialists are experts at translating all phases of acquisition and disposition strategies into bottom-line value.

Our services include:

  • Land Sales
  • Tax Issues
  • Development Planning
  • Shopping Center Location/Layout
  • Demographics
  • Site Assemblage
  • Market Analysis
  • Trend Analysis
  • Best Use Analysis
  • Zoning Consultation
  • Land Parceling & Selling

If you are a landowner that is interested in selling or you are a buyer looking to develop an acquisition strategy, the Hunter Lane Land Division will help you explore your options. To learn more about Hunter Lane Land Division service offerings, please submit an email to or contact us at (919) 789-5203.