Due Diligence

Hunter Lane offers Due Diligence services to our clients for their commercial real estate acquisitions. We act as an indifferent observer for transactions in land development, office building, retail center and hotels, identifying key issues that can affect the stability of a transaction. We provide a risk based approach that gives our clients the leverage needed to negotiate the proper terms in any particular transaction.

Hunter Lane employs three due diligence models:

Acquisition Due Diligence

  • Review and abstract tenant leases
  • Reconcile tenant operating expense reimbursements
  • Review third party reports
  • Review and analyze historical revenues and operating expenses
  • Review on-site files to identify potential issues
  • Conduct tenant interviews
  • Conduct market investigation
  • Prepare committee presentation

Market & Financial Due Diligence

  • Leases - History of Lease Increases
  • Competitive Properties
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Capital Structure (How much debt? How much equity)
  • Lease and Sale Rates
  • Analyzing ROI and Cap Rates
  • Creative Financing
  • Investment Threshold
  • Income Statement Analysis
  • Appraisal Process
  • Tenant/Landlord Representation
  • Property Sales

To learn more about Hunter Lane’s Due Diligence offerings, please submit an email to: duediligence@hunterlane.com or call us at (919) 789-5203