Tenant Representation

The Hunter Lane tenant representation team leverages their local, regional and national market knowledge and tenant network to provide our clients with an effective method for analyzing and evaluating their options and business goals. Our associates assist tenants in identifying competitive rates, minimizing their occupancy costs and achieving the highest return on their investments.

Hunter Lane understands that the key to successful tenant representation is knowledge of our clients and their goals. Whether acquiring facilities through lease or purchase our tenant representation team provides the framework for our clients in identifying optimal locations, defining space requirements, design and marketing, strategic market entry and expansion plans, facilitating in the document preparation and negotiating lease and acquisition terms. Some of the services provided may include:

  • Current situation analysis and strategic planning
  • Programming management/review
  • Market analysis and alternatives identification
  • Lease versus Own analysis
  • Comparative property, infrastructure and financial analysis
  • Strategic site selection
  • Transaction negotiation
  • Lease and property mangement

We can also assist our clients considering ownership opportunities by providing Development, Construction, and Property Management Services.

Hunter Lane Development Management Services

Taking a property development project from Concept to Cash Flow™ requires imagination, expertise and diligent follow-through. We provide a full range of development, project management, and build-to-suit services for owners, tenants, investors and buyers.

We strive to create projects that clearly reflect our clients' hopes and intentions, financial expectations, and short-term and long-term goals. ' From project inception to grand opening, our team is accountable for budget, schedule and quality requirements, so you can rest assured that your project will run smoothly from start to finish. For more information, email development@hunterlane.com.

Hunter Lane Construction Management Services

Hunter Lane can provide management services to assist in the design and construction phases for our clients. Our involvement in construction projects throughout the country has helped build our reputation for delivering creative, value add construction solutions. For more information, email construction@hunterlane.com.

Hunter Lane Property Management Division

Our property and facility managers understand how to successfully meet the goals and objectives of our owners. Our systems and procedures are designed to keep each building in the best possible condition. We've earned the loyalty of our owners through our commitment to preserving and enhancing the value of each and every property. For more information, email property@hunterlane.com.